Why iPad?

Back in January, my laptop was showing its age. Slow booting, even slower application launching, and the more-than-occasional crash all told me that the time had finally come. It had been a great seven years with the old girl, but she was ready for her viking funeral.

A Viking Funeral
The best kind of funeral, clearly

Though we had enough money saved for a good high-end laptop, I had a different idea. Why not get an iPad? Could it perform the same tasks I needed to accomplish on the laptop, as well as support my hobbies? Was it reliable and useful enough to use as a primary device?

I didn’t want the iPad to be an auxiliary device or a toy – I wanted it to be a true replacement. I wanted it to do everything.

This blog is a record of my quest to use my iPad as my primary productivity device. Here you will also find tips on how to better use your iPad for productivity and make the most of its strengths – portability, versatility, and reliability, as well as workarounds for its weaknesses (no device is perfect, after all).

If you’re new to the iPad, and new to Apple products entirely (just like I was and still am) I hope you find some of the help you’re looking for here. Check back often for new tutorials, tips & tricks, app recommendations and more, or subscribe so that you don’t miss a single post.

If you are a veteran iPad productivity expert, email me your tips & tricks, testimonials, and app recommendations: editor[at]ipad4life.net.


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