Take a Screenshot with your iPad

Step 1: Center your subject

If you’re trying to get a particular picture or line of text, use the pincer method to zoom in close and “move” the screen around with a finger to center what you’re trying to capture. For my example, I’m trying to capture my own explanation of Star Ratings to make into an image:

My awesome star ratings

Step 2: Capture!

Press the power button and the Home Button at the same time. You should see the screen flash white for a moment, much like an old-timey camera. This action can take a bit of practice, so try it out a few times to get comfortable with it.

Step 3: Find it

Look in Photos>Camera Roll to find your screenshot. This folder is full of all the pictures on your iPad, so if you can’t remember where you organized a picture, you might try hunting through the Camera Roll. If the screenshot is exactly what you want, then you are done, you have it. In my example, the subject is in my screenshot, but I don’t want the whole picture, with the excess sidebar information.

I outlined the relevant region

Step 4: Fix it

Open a photo-editing app and use its native command to open the screenshot. If all you want to do is crop, you can simply select “Edit” in the iPad’s native Photos App while viewing the picture. Now, crop your subject and give it whatever effects you desire. Enjoy your newfound photo!

Here's how mine came out!

A final note:

If what you’re trying to capture is an actual photo or graphic on a webpage, try holding your finger on the picture and waiting for the pop-up menu, which should have the option “Save Image.” Click on that, and look in the Camera Roll for the picture.

Using an image that belongs to someone else without their permission does constitute copyright infringement and you can get in some serious trouble for it. Use Public Domain images or purchase stock images for commercial use – I do not condone digital theft!

Here are some photo-editing tools I use and recommend:

Happy screenshot-hunting!


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