How to Check Your iPad’s Free Space

The base model iPad comes with 16GB of space, and the max is 128GB. With these sorts of limits, you’ll want to make sure that you don’t exceed your device’s free space right when you need to download a .PDF for a meeting or create a new project proposal.

Luckily, checking the free space on your iPad is easy. From the Home screen, launch your Settings and select “General Settings” from the list on the left side. Choose “Usage.”


You should now see how much of your hard drive is being taken up. If you’ll wait for the full context to load (this may take some time on large-storage iPads like my 128 Gigger), it will show you how much space is being taken up by each individual app. Handy if you need a little extra space and realize you haven’t really played Bejeweled in six months.

Another quick tip: be judicious with your video and music storage. If you have a reliable, fast internet connection, you probably don’t need to download those iTunes or Amazon videos – just watch them from the cloud! Or, better yet, download the ones you will want to watch while charging the unit overnight and kill two birds with one stone!


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