Extend iPad Battery Life

Long Live the Battery!

The iPad’s battery life is one of the primary reasons I chose it as my primary digital productivity tool. I work on it for 8 hours straight and it still has about 30-40% power left at the end of the day, so my wife and I can enjoy streaming a movie, playing some games, doing some research, really whatever we want to do. The advertised battery life is “up to 10 hours,” but I’ve gotten more like 12 to 14 hours out of it using a few power-saving tips.

  1. Turn the Brightness Down! This tip alone will extend your battery life by hours on a single charge. Go into the Settings Menu and tap “Brightness & Wallpaper” on the left-hand column, move that slider to the left as far as you can handle. Don’t go too crazy: really anything around a quarter to a third of its maximum brightness should suffice.
  2. Turn Unnecessary Connections Off! If you’re planning on using an App that doesn’t require an Internet connection, turn your Wifi off in Settings>Wifi. Likewise, if you’re not using your bluetooth connection (e.g. watching a video or playing a game requiring only the touchscreen), turn it off in Settings>Bluetooth. Time-Saver:If you’re using something that requires neither Wifi nor Bluetooth, just turn on Airplane Mode, which is at the top of the leftside menu in the Settings.
  3. Unplug it! If your iPad is only down to 80% at the end of the day, there’s no reason to charge it back up to the full 100% overnight. The chargers are small and portable should you really need them, and it wears on the overall batter life to continually keep the charge up to 100% all the time. Charge it when you need to, and if you really need to continue working on it when it’s down to 5%, go ahead and plug it in. Otherwise, wait until it’s at 20% or lower before giving it the full treatment.
iPad: What Shall We Get Done Today?

Have you discovered any great battery life tips? Write them in the comments section, or drop me a line: editor[at]iPad4Life.net !


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