The Pogo Connect Stylus – A Love Story

The Pogo Connect is a pressure-sensitive bluetooth stylus available for tablets. In the research I did before purchasing it, it seemed to be the wisest choice for my purposes (mainly painting with Procreate). When mine finally arrived, I was stoked.

I went straight to work, learning about which apps were compatible, trying out the pressure sensitivity, and enjoying the feel of the stylus. My one real complaint is that it can be difficult to see what you’re working on when you’re doing fine detail work because the nib of the stylus is kind of fat, but it has to be fat in order to work with the iPad’s touchscreen. And you really do get used to the feel of the thing after a while, so as long as you’re using a fast art App like Procreate, frustration will stay at a minimum.

After a few months using my fancy stylus, I decided to replace the nib. My daughter had been using it for her letter-learning games, and she had worn it down considerably since she presses down so hard you’d think she’s carving stone. While replacing the nib, the unthinkable happened: my Pogo Connect Stylus broke!

My poor, broken Pogo Connect

To the left is the stylus, the middle is the replaceable nib, and the shiny item on the far right is the magnet that keeps the nib in place and, I’m guessing, connects the pressure data to the transmitter so that the iPad knows what you’re trying to do. I tried just putting the thing back together, but the sensitivity was completely broken. The thing wouldn’t even make an unbroken line.

After frantically checking TenOne Design’s website and my own email receipt, I concluded that I was one day over a 60-day warranty. My heart sank. This thing was expensive, at least for me, and I really couldn’t afford to get a new one. So I took a chance and emailed their customer support, figuring they’d just tell me I was out of luck. They asked for a picture, so I took the one you see above, waiting for the moment when they would tell me the bad news.

Then I read the most beautiful three words in the English language: It’s a defect. Since the product was defective (remember that I have no way of knowing this by myself – I honestly figured it had just been handled too roughly), they would replace it free of charge, sending a new one out via standard shipping right away. And they didn’t even do that terrible thing companies sometimes do where they make you send the defective unit back first on your own dime.

If you’re looking for a good pressure-sensitive bluetooth stylus, I can’t recommend Pogo Connect enough. Not only is it a fantastic tool for creating realistic and natural-feeling artwork, but the company behind it, TenOne Design, knows how to care for its customers. This cannot be said of every company.

Get a Pogo Connect. (Not an Affiliate Link)


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