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My First App Problem: GTA 3

I thought it couldn’t happen to me. I have the latest iPad, the OS is up-to-date and I take good care of it. This kind of thing happens to iPad2 owners, not latest-and-greatest people like me. And yet, there I was, ready to commit fake crimes in a fake city, and the game buttons had shrunk so small I could barely see them.

The App is a game called Grand Theft Auto 3, and it was originally released for PC back in 2001. I was in College at the time, and the game proved a fantastic way of relieving the stress and aggression that so often accompanies education and frankly, life in general.

One night, I saw my update notification from the App Store, and the release notes (which I read very carefully), simply said that they were adding iPhone compatibility to the game, as well as cloud-saving features that would allow people to save their games across several devices. I downloaded the update, and later that night I played the game. This is what I saw:

The Problem

The Heads-Up Display (HUD) was suddenly very tiny and all bunched together in the top corner. I looked through the display menu frantically, and couldn’t find anything to help. This basically renders the game unplayable, and after several unfruitful Google searches, I decided to send a support ticket to Rockstar about it. Then, literally right after I sent the ticket, I found what I was looking for poking around in the game:

The Solution

After selecting “Adjust On Foot Controls,” I learned that GTA3’s entire HUD is moveable and scalable, and I just moved the icons back to where they belonged. I did the same thing with the Vehicle Controls, then I sheepishly updated the trouble ticket so they would know the problem was solved, and so hopefully other people might find it and know that they are not alone.

Have you had App problems in the past? Did you find a workable solution yourself? If you dealt with the publisher directly, how helpful was their customer support? Send your stories to editor[at]iPad4Life.net .